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Controversial and Thought-Provoking Articles for the Savvy Christian

The Amazing, Miraculous, Healing Effects of Anger

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Wednesday

Savvy Article #0927

Ha! Didn’t expect this topic on a Christian website, did ja? Well, before you click off, consider this: if you feel downtrodden and crushed, if you feel unable to move because your heart is broken beyond recognition, if you can’t see your way out of a pulverizing situation, then what you DON’T need is a sermon telling you to forgive. What you really need is a blog telling you to GET MAD.

What? What about forgiveness?

Ah forgiveness. The poster child of Christianity. Well, I agree with it as an endgame. Forgiveness is powerful, and it prevents evil things like cancer and wrinkles.But there are phases to healing and right now you just might need an ATTITUDE to move past the pain. That is where anger comes in.

There are three main healing effects of anger:

First, anger can help your self-esteem. When you look at your abusive situation and decide you aren’t going to take it anymore, what you are saying is, “I’m better than this.” This reminds me of the ’70s saying, “God don’t make no junk.” He doesn’t honey, and you don’t deserve this abuse!

Second, anger gives strength. When you are all bled-out, lying on the floor, you need a transfusion fast. Enter—anger.  There is nothing like it to give you that quick boost that makes you jump up, staunch the bleeding, and take real care of yourself.

Three, anger motivates. We can all look at a situation and intellectually say, “Hmmm . . . there is just something wrong with that.” But when you get angry, then you actually DO something. Go you!

But how do you get angry when you feel so squeezed you’re paste? Well, I’ve found my inner anger through song. Yep. Just click on these YouTube videos below, and see if you don’t get your anger on.

There’s one song for each stage of motivated independence, and although they seem to be addressing romantic situations, they can be applied to abusive bosses, teachers, parents, therapists, or anyone/anything else you feel emotionally dependent on that is killing you.

Phase 1, Realizing you’re stronger than you think

Stronger, Britney Spears—She’s stronger than yesterday, and so are you. You’ve found out you don’t need this person because you can be alone just fine. Whatever it was this person or situation had that made you feel complete, you can have by yourself.

The “I don’t need you or anybody” theme reaches an extreme in this song, but we’ve all been there, and balance is eventually restored when we start needing people again. Right now, when you have to break away, you need to believe you can tough it alone!

Here is the video where she beats up and conquers the chair, and the lyrics.

Phase 2, Making the decision to cut him/her/the situation out of your life!

Bye, Bye, Bye, N Sync—You’re taking a stand tonight! You’ve given your all and this person/situation has given you nothing in return. Man, are you sucked dry. You are no fool, so sayonara. You’re not taking this anymore! Video. Lyrics.

Phase 3, Leaving/taking a stand proved you Are. A. Survivor.

Survivor, Destiny’s Child—You’ve been without the abuser for a short while and have realized that your fears and his/her ill-wishes were never realized. He said you would fail, but you are succeeding!

And you aren’t going to compromise your Christianity by getting vengeance, you’re just gonna keep surviving!  Sounds good. You’re moving through the angry stages. See the scantily clad survivors in their video, and see the lyrics.

Phase 4, Perspective and forgiveness.

Fighter, Christina Aguilera—It’s clear from this song that Chris is still a little ticked off, but, she is on her way to release. The song gives this perspective: you don’t need to feel resentful toward your betrayer when his/her attack made you better. You are now able to withstand a nuclear blast and crawl out of the rubble along with cockroaches and Cher.

This is the secular version of “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” You might want to read the lyrics while you listen to the video.

Caveat—”Be angry, and yet do not sin.” (Ephesians 4:26) Anger is strong medicine. Use it sparingly. Keep moving through the phases and, eventually, you will be in a place to forgive. If you hang on too long to anger, you’ll end up looking like Leona Helmsley, the Queen of Mean.  [see picture]

Have fun stormin’ the castle!

(Thanks Joanna Demers for suggesting the song Fighter.)

About The Author

Denise Miller Holmes
Denise Miller Holmes enjoys teaching biblical topics, and especially researching and communicating what Christians believe about the world around them. She sometimes turns established viewpoints on end. A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Journalism, Denise also has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and has been a Christian for over 35 years. She belongs to the writers’ groups Words for the Journey and American Christian Fiction Writers.


7 Responses to “The Amazing, Miraculous, Healing Effects of Anger”

  1. Kay Day says:

    Hahaha! So true. Such good advice, but given with a humorous twist that is 100% Denise!

  2. Robbie Iobst says:

    Love it! Wisdom and grace, Denise. God created anger and I love how you show the positive effects of it. Well done, girl!! :0)

  3. Jan Parrish says:

    Some great truths in here – and great songs. Thanks for sharing. I think the key here is to sick up for yourself and do something about it. :)

  4. needmorewordscs says:

    I need this for my NaNo novel. My M.C. is downtrodden and crushed big time and I didn’t know how to handle her anger, now I do. I may have to give you credit when my book is published.

  5. Denise Miller Holmes says:

    Kay and Robbie: I am glad you see the humor and the grace in it.
    Jan: Yes, abused women really need to learn how to stick up for themselves,and the more the abuse goes on, the harder it is sometimes.
    Diane: I helped you with your book? That’s great! I’m honored you want to acknowledge me. Make sure you remember to pay me too. (Ha ha ha, JK.)

  6. Joanna says:

    Great article, Denise. I’m so happy you wrote it. Thanks for the shout out and the link. I’m glad I could help out. I’m glad you addressed this “taboo” topic. There is such a thing as righteous anger (remember Jesus in the temple with the money changers?). If you don’t allow yourself to feel anger, it only builds up inside leading to internal anguish or a huge explosion onto someone who doesn’t deserve it.

  7. Denise Miller Holmes says:

    I agree Joanna. Explosions are messy.

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