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Red Hot Read

Controversial and Thought-Provoking Articles for the Savvy Christian

A Firestorm for Your Mind!

Welcome to Red Hot Read. Do you have the guts to re-think old paradigms? Examine old beliefs? Consider a new way of thinking? These are some of the things that I'm examining for myself and I hope you can join in my journey.


I’m Fat

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Tuesday

Savvy Article #1005

I’m fat, and it’s taken a bite of my self esteem. I am a big, round, butter ball, and I can’t hide it. I am not quite roll-me-down-the-aisle-to-my-two-airplane-seats big, but I’m big enough to say “I’m fat.”

I used to have a healthy body (translation, thin) and what is astounding is not the emotional catalyst that caused me to eat gravy, but the amazing effects that being fleshy has on my psyche from the outside IN. (more…)


Can Becoming More Human Make You More Like God?

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Monday

Savvy Article #1004

Michael J. Wilkins says, “Yes.” A person who is fully human is conformed to the image of God.

In a mind-bending chapter in his book In His Image, Wilkins argues energetically that you, a Christian, become conformed to the image of God by becoming more human.

Bizarre doesn’t cover it. How can you, a sinful human, become more like God by encouraging your humanness?

The answer is in how you define the word human. (more…)


Is Faith the Enemy? A Revealing Look at the Tenets of New Atheism

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Monday Article #1001

There is a movement in this country called New Atheism. This movement is more aggressive and anti-Christianity than atheists have ever been. Even atheists argue about the beliefs and methods of the New Atheists.

In order to understand what New Atheists believe, I paraphrase below Andrew Brown’s 6 tenets of the philosophy, which are found in his popular internet article The New Atheism, a definition and a quiz. He distills these tenets from the writings of New Atheists Robert L. Park, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. New Atheists believe. . .


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James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and the Roles of Christian Women

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Friday

Savvy Article #1003

Alert—I’m about to go against a Christian icon. I confess that throughout the years, the rigid view of women’s roles from Dobson and Focus on the Family have annoyed me. And now, an reporter has published an outrageous quote of mine, so I need to explain.

First, this is where I agree with Focus on the Family. I agree that our society, since the late ’60s, has been losing healthy family structure. In the ’70s, women were burning their bras, and the trend of throwing one’s children into daycare (so a mom could work a full-time job) was growing.  This trend was, and is, destructive to the family.

Sometimes, one extreme must meet an opposite extreme in order for society to gain balance. Enter—James Dobson and Focus on the Family.

But Dobson’s radio broadcasts and main magazine, Focus on the Family, began to grate on me in the 80s. I stopped listening and reading for awhile, but a year or so later I went back to their material and was just as agitated. (more…)


Why Are Christians Cruel to Each Other?

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Tuesday

Savvy Article #1002

The world is teeming with Christians who leave churches and hibernate because other believers have deeply wounded them. Many of the wounders are pastors and leaders.

I used to think the biggest reason Christians treat each other despicably was interpersonal ignorance and lack of responsibility. I’ve heard leaders judge the wounded for leaving. “You don’t leave church just because you’ve been hurt. . . .” (more…)


The Point (of Life)

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Friday

Savvy Article #1001

If you are one of those hypie types that get’s a glow from setting and reaching goals, if you have listened to every Tony Robbins tape, and if you believe wholeheartedly that writing down your goals with a time limit MAKES them happen, I’m about to burst your bubble.

After much failure and delayed gratification, I have learned that … (more…)


The Amazing, Miraculous, Healing Effects of Anger

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Wednesday

Savvy Article #0927

Ha! Didn’t expect this topic on a Christian website, did ja? Well, before you click off, consider this: if you feel downtrodden and crushed, if you feel unable to move because your heart is broken beyond recognition, if you can’t see your way out of a pulverizing situation, then what you DON’T need is a sermon telling you to forgive. What you really need is a blog telling you to GET MAD.

What? What about forgiveness?

Ah forgiveness. The poster child of Christianity. Well, I agree with it as an endgame. Forgiveness is powerful, and it prevents evil things like cancer and wrinkles. (more…)


Too Busy to Pray? Outsource!

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Wednesday

Savvy Article #0925

The old, wrinkled woman said to me, “Remember that if you ask us to pray for you, to also pray for yourself.”  Of course, I knew that. I may have been a young Christian, but even a ninny knows to pray for yourself while others are praying for you, right?

But that was the 70s, when men were men, women were women, all lesbians were militant, and very few people had peanut allergies. Now those were simple times!

Imagine my shock when I recently spied an article by Christian humorist Tim Patrick that mocked a new trend—outsourcing prayer. (more…)


This is Killing Me! The Agonizing Effects of Shame vs. the Love of God

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Monday

Savvy Article #0924

Shame is a killer. It kills the heart, it kills the mind, it kills relationships, and it kills joy.

Of course, there is such a thing as healthy shame—the type of shame that leads us to sorrow and repentance. But, shame too often becomes toxic. (more…)


The Missing Ingredient to Happiness (a.k.a. Kay Day Slept Here)

Posted By Denise Miller Holmes on Tuesday

Savvy Article #0923

You will never find lasting happiness unless you find a certain ingredient in life. And neither will I.

Too much of what we do in this life leaves us empty. An activity may bring a temporary lift in spirits, but, like the classic taste of Cheetos, one Cheeto gives a burst of flavor, then calls us to eat one more until we’ve emptied the bag.

There should be something we can do to keep happiness around. One thing I’ve found that makes happiness stay is entering another person’s world. (more…)