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Red Hot Read

Controversial and Thought-Provoking Articles for the Savvy Christian

The Amazing, Miraculous, Healing Effects of Anger

Denise Miller Holmes | November 11, 2009

Savvy Article #0927
Ha! Didn’t expect this topic on a Christian website, did ja? Well, before you click off, consider this: if you feel downtrodden and crushed, if you feel unable to move because your heart is broken beyond recognition, if you can’t see your way out of a pulverizing situation, then what you DON’T need [...]

Too Busy to Pray? Outsource!

Denise Miller Holmes | September 23, 2009

Savvy Article #0925
The old, wrinkled woman said to me, “Remember that if you ask us to pray for you, to also pray for yourself.”  Of course, I knew that. I may have been a young Christian, but even a ninny knows to pray for yourself while others are praying for you, right?
But that was the [...]

National Fresh Breath Day–The Cozy Holiday

Denise Miller Holmes | August 3, 2009

Savvy Article #0922
Gather your children around you and get ready to celebrate National Fresh Breath Day. It’s this week, August 6th, and Red Hot Read will be celebrating all week!
There are all kinds of ways to celebrate. This is the time when we cook big meals for our families, decorate our tables with dental floss [...]

Facebook and Intimacy: What the Heck Are You Talking About?

Denise Miller Holmes | June 29, 2009

Savvy Article #0917
Connecting is supposed to be what Facebook is about. But, some people cheat! I went on a rant about this yesterday morning on Facebook and had a great time doing it. My rant? It was about the chickens that post nothing but enigmatic philosophical statements in their status bar.

I Hate Nature

Denise Miller Holmes | May 17, 2009

Savvy Article #0912
My friend recently complained that she couldn’t go outside to write on her laptop because the squirrels had chewed through all the electrical. I felt for her, and thought of the yappy dog next door to me that barks incessantly every time I go outside to write.

LOL with God

Denise Miller Holmes | March 23, 2009

Savvy Article #0906
It’s a good thing I’ve changed, or I would have felt guilty.
Along with my early ideas that God is lofty (see: Hearing God’s Voice), I also used to think that God is serious, and therefore I shouldn’t laugh while praying.

Hearing God’s Voice (a.k.a. God’s Potty Talk)

Denise Miller Holmes | March 1, 2009

Savvy Article #0903
Lightning and earthquakes, a throne in the heavens: God always seems so lofty in Scriptures. In my early walk with God, even when I read that Jesus didn’t take showers and slept with a rock for a pillow, that he ate fish for breakfast and had nowhere to live, that his feet were [...]